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Using LinkedIn to Build Brand Awareness—3 Top Tips

img of Using LinkedIn to Build Brand Awareness—3 Top Tips

Over the past decade, LinkedIn has transformed into a must-have social media platform for professionals across industries and around the globe. In addition to being a useful tool for professionals searching for new jobs and businesses searching for new employees, it is also a helpful tool for building brand awareness. Both company and individual LinkedIn profiles serve as important resources for making industry connections and building a strong network.

Here are top ways business owners can use LinkedIn:

To Grow Your Team

Getting noticed by potential employees is important for any new business that wants to expand its team. However, posting job openings on LinkedIn does more than just attract new employees, it also builds brand awareness. For new companies, it can be difficult to attract people to your website, even with advertisements. Posting on LinkedIn gives you credibility and gets your company’s name in front of your target audiences.

Tip: To attract those just starting their careers, post job openings in college alumni LinkedIn groups.  

To Make Industry Connections

In addition to customers and potential employees, building brand awareness among industry peers is important for new businesses. Through LinkedIn, you can connect with other professionals in your field by asking them to be part of your network or joining groups that are relevant to your professional background and interests. Doing so will connect you with potential partners who can help you grow your business.

Tip: Be active within your network by commenting on posts or sharing your thoughts on industry trends.

To Highlight Company Milestones

It’s often difficult for new businesses to share company updates with target audiences. While they can post news on blogs, websites, and social media, it can be ineffective if they have a small customer base or social media following. Be sure to share news not only on your company LinkedIn page, but also on individual team members’ profiles, that way your network can take note of your success.

Tip: LinkedIn ads can be useful when promoting important company news.

Building brand awareness is vital for every new business looking to grow its customer base, expand its team and build a strong foundation for long-term success. Tactics such as advertisements, media placements and community events can all prove effective for promoting your company. However, LinkedIn offers a valuable resource for not only adding credibility to your company, but also reaching a diverse audience of potential customers, employees and partners. As LinkedIn continues to grow as the go-to social media platform for companies and professionals, businesses must continue to leverage the platform in order to advance their business goals.