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Keep in Mind These Freelance Trends

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Now is just the time to become a freelancer – or to hire one. Freelancers are no longer the minority, building up the whopping 35% of the U.S. workforce. More and more companies and individuals are embracing the independent work culture and creating freelance opportunities. While the gig economy is on the rise, there are some underlying trends that freelancers should know about to succeed.

It’s Who You Know The gig economy start to form a bit of a clique, and referrals stills matter most. Independent workers are face the constant need to network and build up the referral base. We believe that this trend is a negative one for the market, as many professionals get overlooked or simply cannot reach their potential clients. That is why we want to connect the dots. We are building a global human resource bank where everyone can find opportunities to earn and everyone can get the help they need. Word-of-mouth is all good, but in the 21st century a more open approach is long due.

Specialists over Generalists With the influx of people to the gig economy, we have to be increasingly selective in order to deal with an astounding number of portfolios and profiles. For instance, Humans Network has 23 categories and multiple subsets for user profiles. And that’s good news for freelancers who want to find their own niche and specialize in a specific area. Specialist are in high demand, and they get found faster in searches by those looking to hire for a particular need.

We Are Not Alone Together we stand, alone we fall apart just might be the motto for the new generation of freelancers. As it turns out, not all freelancers are in it for the solo work. Many enjoy and benefit from collaborating with fellow individual workers from time to time on meaningful projects. Being a freelancer, you cooperate on your own terms rather than be placed into teams or have to commute to an office. On Humans Network you can team up with fellow community members to tackle more extensive gigs than you couldn’t have handled alone.


Hope you will keep up with these tendencies and tweak your profiles on Humans Network accordingly!


Best luck on your independent path,

Humans Team

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