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How The No-Fee Model Helps Service Providers

img of How The No-Fee Model Helps Service Providers

At, we’re dedicated to helping all service providers in our global community find success. One way we do that is through our new no-fee model. Here’s how “no fees” benefits you:

More money in your pocket charges no commission on projects or jobs completed on our open platform. No commission charges means what you earn is yours to keep—each payment from a client will go straight to your wallet.  

More opportunities to connect with clients

There are no fees for joining our site, connecting with clients or starting contracts. This means there is no limit on the amount of clients you can work with, volume of jobs you can apply to or number of contracts you can complete.

More ways to promote your business is an effective and free tool for promoting your skills. There are no charges for posting job offers—you can post as many as you like, in as many service categories as you like. We also don’t charge for adding work samples, links or references to your profile.

With no fees, no commission charges and no hidden costs, the potential for service providers on is limitless.