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5 Ways To Make Money From Home

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Just five years ago, no one would have thought that working from home would become such a promising avenue for making money. But thanks to the rise of remote freelance careers, many professionals are avoiding the dread of long commutes and unnecessary office antics. Instead, they’re discovering the joys of earning a living from the comfort of their own home.

Plus, working from home improves mental health. According to Mental Health America, 71% of workers said working from home alleviates commute-related stress, 75% said working from home improves productivity by reducing workplace distractions, and 65% of respondents report less stress from company politics. Moreover, a 2023 survey by FlexJobs found that 56% of respondents said working remotely improved their mental health.

Freelance careers have grown collectively by as much as 28% in the last year, with communications, bookkeeping, and graphic design gigs leading the way. But where can you find fantastic money-making opportunities you can do in your pajamas? And how do you know what kinds of jobs are out there waiting for you?

Here are five rising freelance careers – and tips for getting started.

1. Content Writing

If you’re great with words, you’re in luck. Businesses across all industries are looking for skilled writers to help them communicate with their audiences through blogging and copywriting. Content is king, which means the competition is as tough as ever, and there’s a high demand for communication skills like yours that cut through the noise.

Scared ChatGPT will take your job? There’s reason for that! The best writers are using it as an assistant, not a creative writer.

Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are great places to start posting yourself as available for work. Build a profile that showcases your writing talent, and once your profile is complete, bid for high-paying writing projects. Remember to set reasonable expectations— landing your first gig will likely be challenging, but don’t lose motivation. Once you get the ball rolling and your clients start leaving glowing reviews, your reputation will precede you.

2. Graphic Design

Are you the creative type who knows your way around InDesign and Canva? Well, you’re also in a prime position to start making some money from home designing logos, marketing assets, and more. 99designs and DesignCrowd are two playgrounds you can use to showcase your talents and attract clients, forging professional relationships that can snowball into more opportunities down the line.

Pro tip: While those websites are good places to job search, it’s better to leverage platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter (or X) to network with other graphic designers. Join groups and participate in industry discussions. It’s estimated that somewhere around 85% of jobs are filled through networking, so never underestimate the power of a bold Instagram DM or a new LinkedIn connection.

3. Social Media Management

Social media managers are the unsung heroes behind every successful online presence, responsible for capturing and scheduling quality content that establishes brand identity, grows the customer base, and ultimately drives revenue. In fact, so many businesses today— especially startups and smaller companies who don’t have the budget for more traditional marketing methods— use social media as their main marketing channel because it’s as effective as it is inexpensive.

That means they need your knack for composing a catchy Instagram caption or hopping on the next TikTok trend. Browse, We Work Remotely, and even LinkedIn to find countless freelance opportunities for social media savants like you.

If you want to build a portfolio that sticks out, subscribe to Squarespace. The user-friendly website builder will help you flaunt your creative eye easily in one place. Search Google to see how other social media managers like you have organized their portfolios.

4. Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) department is often referred to as the heartbeat of an organization. HR professionals shape company culture, attract top talent, and ensure smooth day-to-day operations. In recent years, businesses have begun seeking HR freelancers to tap into their expertise without committing to full-time, in-person roles. They recognize the benefits of flexible and specialized HR talent. This trend is a win-win: Experienced HR professionals can diversify their careers while giving companies a cost-effective approach to acquiring top-tier HR services.

Even with a slight dip in 2022, remote freelance jobs in HR and recruitment are still among some of the most popular. If you’re interested in talent acquisition or employee relations and want to join the remote work bandwagon, remember to tailor your applications to match the specific requirements of each platform and the projects you’re interested in. Building a strong online presence, showcasing your skills, and actively engaging with potential clients puts you in a prime position to land freelance HR roles.

5. Accounting

While people typically associate accountants with a traditional nine-to-five or a stuffy corporate environment, 2022 saw a 28% increase in remote freelance opportunities for accountants. The allure of freelance accounting lies in the autonomy it provides, allowing experts to choose their projects, clients, and schedules. Unlike traditional full-time positions, freelancers can leverage their skills across various industries and gain a broader skill set. Plus, freelance accountants can tap into a global client base and transcend geographical constraints in a way that is unprecedented.

Websites like and Accountingfly specialize in remote accounting jobs, while platforms like Upwork and cater to various financial roles. Maintain open communication with clients and deliver consistent high-quality work.

Happy Freelancing

Embracing the world of remote freelance careers isn’t just about the job titles; it’s about a mindset that’s ready to adapt, learn, and thrive in a changing work environment. With these five careers holding immense potential for making money from home, it’s time to gear up for a rewarding journey that allows you to balance work, life, and personal aspirations.

Source: Forbes

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