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How To Prevent Coronavirus And Become Example To Others

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The infamous COVID-19 or simply the 2019 strain of coronavirus is an acknowledged pandemic, so everyone should take it very seriously regardless they work from home or leave premises regularly. If you can’t stay home, feeling just fine and have no alarming symptoms like a higher-than-normal temperature or a continuous cough, you need to make sure it stays this way for you and the people you make contact with.

Wash Your Hands And Face Often. Like Really Often

Every time you go outside or touch objects that don’t belong to you, your routine is straight — wash it right away and keep your hands out of your face or hair. Use soap or at least don’t skimp on water. Hand sanitizers, also plenty of it, will do just fine, but remember it’s ~60% alcohol, avoid eyes and a mouth zone.

Minimize Close Contacts And Big Hugs

You know how they say, we live in a society, so you can’t just stop communicating with human beings around you or even aggressively dodge everybody. It’s not forever, but for the time being let’s give you and others some space. In every community there are people highly susceptible to any virus, keep it in mind.

Cover Your Coughs And Sneezes

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Do not underestimate the significance of coughing in public places. When it happens, the germs in your body are not propelled into the air. Better cough into a tissue or a napkin and throw it in the trash straight away. Wash your hands even if you haven’t coughed into bare hands. And don’t touch doorknobs or other surfaces if your hands haven’t been properly cleaned or at least sanitized.

Disinfect Frequently Touched Objects And Surfaces

Do you know that your phone is a biological time-bomb if not treated properly? We clean them rarely but this is the past. Now it should be washed (check your device’s water resisting rating) or wiped with sanitizer several times a day. And don’t forget about light switchers, pens, handles, keyboards, toilets, you name it.

Get Used To Wear A Facemask

Facemasks don’t provide a solid protection from viruses but it’s the least you can do and afford. When the mask supply is scarce, try to leave some for those who have flu-related symptoms, as they are meant to be secured first and foremost. Avoid touching a mask before you take it off. And do not forget to wash your hands after you throw it away, of course.

Better Stay Home

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If your physical condition is somehow changed or out of ordinary, you might need to reconsider your plans for the day and ever further. It’s not the best time to risk your health and those around you, elderly people in the first place. HumansNetwork A Global Humans Resource Bank where everyone can find help and everyone can earn. No fees. No middlem

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