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How To Make You Work While Staying At The Pandemic Home Office

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A very large number of companies across the globe have already moved their staff to a home office. How can you stay productive while working from a cosy but a deserted home in the time of COVID-19 outbreak?

1. Separate work and home place.

Define a place where you work where you ‘live’. In the workplace, organize an easy and comfortable access to all necessary resources: light, stationery, PC, headphones, chargers, etc. Keep the table clean and in good condition.

2. Start your workday by changing clothes.

Strive to not work in house clothes. These clothes are relaxing. You don’t need to feel relaxed, you need to stay as much formal as possible.

3. Write down a schedule for the day.

Define your start and finish work times, write and systematize all tasks. Spend some time at the beginning of your working day to plan tasks and sum up what you’ve done at the end of the day. Don’t go back to work after you finish your assignments. Write the tasks you managed to do and those you didn’t in a notebook and plan your next day.

4. Don’t forget about breaks and lunch.

Keep track of the time. You can use an app to control it, don’t forget to turn on notifications. Regular physical activity and eye exercises will considerably increase the quality of staying within four walls.

5. Watch what you eat.

The right food is very important, even on ordinary days, and more importantly, during a pandemic reclusion. Make sure that the food is balanced, rich in essential vitamins and micronutrients.

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6. Air out your new ‘office’.

Check the air quality in the room. Fresh air helps you think clearer and thus work better. Plus it prevents viruses from spreading and staying indoor. Temperature and humidity levels also need your continuous attention.

7. Beware of social networks.

Normally, social networks eat up a lot of time. During a tense period of the international pandemic, social media can not just divert your attention from working issues but also make you nervous with all the destructive posts and messages.

Being forced to work from home is the best time to try the gig economy. Remote interaction can cultivate new skills and opportunities for you. Already working from home or still doing it the unsafe way?