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3 Best Mind Mapping Apps to Capture Your Ideas

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Mind mapping is a great way to brainstorm, take notes and articulate concepts that allows to visually look at your ideas and their relationship to each other. Developing a content plan, working out ideas for an article, planning a trip — mind maps are a very useful tool for things like that. Even if you prefer to do it old-fashioned pen and paper way, mind mapping applications can come quite handy on some occasions. Should such an occasion arise, you’ll know what apps to resort to:

1. iMindMap (iOS, Windows)

One of those apps that manage to be packed with lots of features while simultaneously being user-friendly. It offers a handful of map views such as colorful Presentation View, Radial Map View and Brainstorm View that looks like a corkboard with sticky notes; a detailed side panel allows you to play with different colors and images. You can also attach various media files such as videos, links, and notes to your mind map — a feature many other apps of that kind lack for some reason.


Overall, iMindMap is easily been one the best (if not the best) mind mapping applications you can get. Its only weakness is its price: $100, $235 or $310 depending on the version.

2. MindNode (macOS)


If you’re looking for something that won’t cost you as much as the previous app while being relatively similar functionally, try MindNode. It has one of the easiest and most intuitive user interfaces among other apps out there and includes all typical functions. Plus, it supports iCloud sync and allows to import and export a variety of document formats. There’s simply nothing as good as good as MindNode for a price like that ($14.99) out there.

3. Scapple (macOS, Windows)


Finally, if you’re more of a pen and paper type person, yet happen to be looking to switch to a mind mapping app, there’s Scapple. Positioning itself as an app “by writers for writers”, it provides you with the closest experience of using pen and paper. The interface couldn’t be more simplistic: no formatting tools, no emojis, no attachments. If you don’t need anything more than just a virtual sheet of paper to let your creativity flow, this app is certainly for you.